Marking Place

Gans_Poster_Mithun final.jpg
Work has continued on this last segment of “Place” and how it is experienced.  The photographs taken mainly around the old spur of the Viaduct and the ongoing Viaduct construction are being framed this weekend. Meanwhile, this non-designer managed to design a poster using images from touring around with the maquette to places like Gas Works and Volunteer Park  to memorialize those places as part of our cultural history.  The maquette provided an infusion of reality not unlike ship markers that designate sites of significance. The final design marker is both fantastical and humorous. It also is an off shoot of designs used by the US Navy — I have been told — that help to ensure the torpedos are placed so they actually hit intended targets.  But this is not about that kind of war story.  This show is about remembrance of the past along with how cities change, are rebuilt and how they then go through the cycle of decay or ruin only to start another cycle over again… that is, if you believe that history  repeats itself.

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