Upcoming Exhibit at Gallery 110, Seattle

I am pleased to be back at Gallery 110.  In 2002, I became one of the original members and had several shows there between then and 2007.  In July, I will be showing new work from the project, Seer of Secrets.  Examples are in the gallery part of this site.

This work explores neighborhoods in transition that have history and are firmly rooted in this city. I have made composites from multiple images and also included original haikus that refer to the issues and concerns explored. This gallery will continue to grow as Seattle goes through its transformations. Should you wonder why I have included an image of my face in each of these composites, it is because I am serving as the symbol of the people who are and will be affected by the changes in their neighborhoods and structure of the city. I am their witness to these events but also have taken the liberty to create work with stories that have a universal theme.

There are two other artists in the show Altered Landscapes/Fractured Lines. The dates are July 3 – August 2, 2014.  On August 2nd, the Tashiro-Kaplan Arts Complex will have its 10th anniversary celebration. There are live-work units, galleries and studios in this building. Many events are planned for that day.

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