The exhibition URBAN at Gallery 110 Seattle

This exhibition takes a fresh look at the idea of Urban. Each approach has a specific point of view and intent evident in the work. The exhibition is a tour of the urban landscape mainly relative to Seattle/Tacoma/Everett, New York and San Francisco with candid street shots, portraits in industrial or downtown locations, night lit long exposures in industrial locations, blasts of vernacular language from street posters, diptychs (duos) and composites in black and white images that show relationships of place within a neighborhood or two neighborhoods in different cities with similar cultural identities.  Janet Neuhauser  ( and James Arzente ( were invited to join me, David Sokal and M R McDonald to work on this project I organized about a year ago.  For more information, go to the Gallery 110 website: and look under exhibitions… Upcoming.



A Witness to Change in Seattle | HuffPost

A review of my work and photographic interests was just published in the HuffPost on August 18th. The Article … A Witness to Change in Seattle… was written by Amy Pleasant, a contributor, writer and artist living in the Seattle area.  The link is just above.



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