PCNW PRESENTS… Selections from the ONLOOKER Project

“I Don’t See You” © Susan Gans, All Rights Reserved

The Photo Center NW in Seattle, Washington created a program for photographers not associated with a commercial gallery a couple of years ago. For the 2017-2018 season, four groups of two photographers each were selected to show work in a small space on the main floor near the regular galleries. I am showing with James Kuan whose images are color and about estate sales and flea markets. My work in black and white captures quick portraits in public places of people whose affect and demeanor point to a back-story that might otherwise be missed. Some of these images were first seen in 2016 at the non profit Gallery 110 in Seattle where I have been a long-time member or an Affiliate Artist and my two year tenure at Shift Gallery, also in Seattle.

This exhibition is the final in the 2017-18 PCNW series. It opened on April 2 and closes on June 10th.  PCNW is located at 900 12th Ave in Seattle on Capitol Hill.  Open hours are: Mon-Thur 12 to 9 & Sat-Sun 12 to 6pm.

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